......Some things bare repeating. Whenever possible, always support local business first......

Goochland Gazette, you have been a part of serving our county for sixty years! Wow! Sixty years ago, I was twelve years old. Twelve!

The only news that came into my house was the daily newspaper and the six o'clock news on the radio.
Nothing was so important that it could not wait for a few hours.

No computers, iPads, or smart phones to bring information into our lives with such speed and volume that we can hardly scroll through it all to find whatever it was we wanted or needed.

Oddly, information is obtained so much faster, yet it seems to take up more of our day, our personal time. Information overload!

Here, in Goochland County, we use the GG as a touchstone of sorts, highlighting events in our county, our schools, and our shops and stores, to share with our families, friends and neighbors.

Sometimes, I do not want to look at the entire world online, or the nation, or the state. I want a feel for where we live, raise our children, shop, work, play and come together as a community supporting one another first.
Then, of course, there is the personal connection, or feel of just physically holding the paper, reading through it at your leisure, unconcerned about power outages or satellite providers.

The GG remains important to our community. It represents something real, something tangible.
So, take your time. Sit down. Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and slow down. Relax. The GG is free to everyone.

Now, Goochland Gazette, page 1..........Let's see what's going on in our neighborhood this week?