......Some things bare repeating. Whenever possible, always support local business first......

Goochland Gazette, you have been a part of serving our county for sixty years! Wow! Sixty years ago, I was twelve years old. Twelve!

The only news that came into my house was the daily newspaper and the six o'clock news on the radio.
Nothing was so important that

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Being Human

I know. Yes, I do, because I have heard it from our current generation a thousand times over and more: We love our laptops and smart phones and iPads – can’t live without them.

Just look around, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Technology will come with us into the future, an invaluable tool and necessary resource. But, while observing our relentless demand

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Side View Mirror

Unexpectedly, when we are truly watching, we can learn amazing things from the actions of our children: especially our younger children. We can see random acts of kindness, friendship, and joy.

Simply look.

This was such a moment……..


Done! Long day. No, a long week! But, a good one. Worked hard, resolved problems, thanked my staff, and left

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Build a Good Fire

Ours was a poor boy scout troop. Few of us could afford a shirt, let alone a full uniform. Most of us got by with a red scout kerchief tied around our necks. What we did have were two Korean War veterans who made terrific scout masters and mentors.

Sam and Ray were two men with very young families of

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Once a Soldier

It’s a brilliant, crisp, cloudless day in Virginia and the sky, a North Carolina Blue, is framing purple dogwoods, red oak and golden poplars. The smell of fresh cut grass, the last of the season, fills the air in a scene so perfect you wish you could live forever.

The drone of the lawnmower mesmerizes me as I steadily,

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