Best Advice Ever Given

The philosophy in the following quote is the origin of the beliefs I repeat to myself each morning prior to beginning my day. Perhaps others may also find it useful and helpful.

"Build your character each day to become the person you truly want to be" - Napoleon Hill; 1883-1970

Never fail to deliver the best possible quality and quantity of service to any endeavor while taking care not to cause intentional harm to others.

Be accountable to yourself for all personal actions, and when mistakes are made, be willing to make course corrections without sacrificing your core beliefs.

When you feel strongly about any issue, fearlessly reveal it to all, for only in this way will both true friend and foe alike be made known to you. If you believe in something, feel it, say it, or do it, but above all else . . . live it!

Have the strength to show tolerance and acceptance toward others, even when it results in you neither feeling or giving your affirmation. Respect others' free will, but never to the exclusion of your own! Free-will represents our thoughts, and is the only thing over which we have absolute control.

These universal values and principles have enabled me to live my life in an ongoing, never-ending story, passing on my beliefs to my children and grandchildren, as well as to those I love and those whom I would call friend.

Ronald Spessard
March 10, 2018
Author: Homespun Tales